Every project is unique and needs different amount of time to finish it, therefore this pricelist is only an estimate. Cash or card payments accepted.

For complex orders you may be given an estimate based on the number of hours required to complete the order. Urgent orders may be subject to additional 10% charge. 

Bridal Dress from£1400.00
Evening Dress from£500.00
Day dress£300.00
Skirts from£70.00
Trousers from£150.00
Shorts from£80.00
Women’s Shirts from£150.00
Men’s Shirts from £180.00
Women’s Jacket from
Women’s Coat from
Men’s coat from £500.00
Swimwear from
Kids’ outfits from £90.00
*Please contact for all other tailoring enquiries
*Restyling of existing garments is available on request